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One thing that sets CAP Technologies apart from its competition is our thorough onboarding procedure that involves an overall security assessment of your existing IT setup. Often new providers will ‘take on’ your IT from a previous supplier and deal with new IT issues when they arise. What we do differently is establish a baseline of your security, enabling us to highlight and improve weak areas and ensure your business is compliant with industry standards.

Clients we work with day to day have had security  risks identified so that upgrades can be proposed and implemented, ultimately leading to a better IT security overall and peace of mind for business owners. Contact us today – we will be happy to discuss any requirements you have.

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I started CAP Technologies with a vision to provide the very best IT support services to businesses. My primary focus is to ensure our clients receive exceptional services  at all times. All businesses can enjoy the benefits of combining great technology and support.

Ben Sercombe

Personal Approach to I.T.

Why Choose CAP Technologies

Privacy Protection

From GDPR compliance to Data Protection, Privacy is important in the modern world & we take it seriously.


Response times are key to providing exceptional support. We understand the importance of having your IT Support Team on hand when you need us.

Safety & Security

Using the right technologies we can ensure the risk of cyber attacks and threats are minimised and that all data is GDPR compliant.

Qualified Technicians

CAP Technologies team have extensive technical knowledge, with over 25 years experience in the industry.

Emergency Help

Contact CAP Technologies for any critical IT Support or Security emergencies, including out of hours.

Personal Approach

To enhance our support further, we take the time to get to know our clients on a personal level as well as put effort into understanding how our clients' businesses operate.


Our engineers regularly spend time reviewing our clients systems to ensure best practices are implemented as well as identifying potential faults or vulnerabilities.

Modern Technology

Technology is a fast moving, at CAP Technologies we pride ourselves on being able to offer modern technology solutions which can benefit business growth and security.

CAP Technologies Clients

CAP Technologies are fortunate to work with fantastic businesses in the UK and we are proud that our clients select us as their IT provider.

For support call our Exeter office on 01392 575033