Stable and Reliable Connectivity is imperative for all businesses

CAP Technologies specialises in creating tailored connectivity solutions. Employing our partnerships with top connectivity providers in the industry, we offer a range of connectivity options such as;

Ethernet Leased Lines

The ultimate option for stability & performance. Dedicated uncontended fibre is installed directly into your premises. Speeds range from 100MB all the way up to 10GB direct internet access. 


Contented Fibre optic installed at your premises. A value for money option if available in your area. Speeds range from 100MB up to 1GB


Standard fibre to the cabinet provisioned over standard telephone line. Common in most homes and business and available in most areas. Speeds range from 10MB-200MB


 Standard broadband provided over copper telephone lines. The original broadband option which is the cheapest and available in any location when the above are not available. Speeds range from 1MB-50MB

4G / 5G

 For rural areas FTTP/FTTC/VDSL may not be available. 4G/5G connections are a great way to tackle specific connectivity issues, in some remote locations they are the best connectivity option. 

Internet access has become a vital requirement for day to day operations, the speed and stability of our connection to the internet plays an important role in the efficiency of a business. Our dependency on connectivity stretches beyond our business into our personal lives and an internet drop or outage is always regarded as a critical issue that must be fixed as soon as possible.

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