IT Disaster Recovery Services

IT Disaster Recovery planning (DR) is essential to reduce risk of critical events, the type that can cause a business operations to cease. At CAP Technologies you can use our knowledge and expertise to develop a new BCDR plan, enhance/upgrade an existing plan if you already have one in place or even assist with DR testing scenarios. Reliable BCDR plans begin with having a detailed process documented and tested in order to give the business reassurance that their data can withstand critical failures our outages.

Intelligent Backup Solutions

Our dependency on data and it’s availability has never been more important, at CAP Tech we work alongside your business and key staff to design and deploy intuitive backup solutions. Our goal is to ensure the risk associated with worst-case-scenarios is removed entirely where possibly, we achieve this by using a wide range of tools, software, solutions and practices. 

Our backup solutions offer comprehensive and intelligent insights into your IT infrastructure, ensuring all aspects and workloads are protected. Data loss can severely damage business operations and stun growth, both short and long term, ensuring that you have a robust backup and recovery solution is crucial.

Backup Technology

With regards to backups there is no ‘one size fits all’, a combination of backup technologies is the best way to protect company data. From experience we know key areas and datasets which are often overlooked include:

If you run a business that utilises Microsoft 365 emails, SharePoint and Teams, it’s worth considering the implications caused by an outage on their cloud platform. On top of outages, data deleted from Microsoft’s servers can only recovered for 60-90 days, beyond this time frame it’s not possible to easily recover data. Such a small time frame limits backup retention substantially and can only be addressed through implementation of a third party solution that allows data hosted on Microsoft 365 to be backed up securely.

CAP Technologies can provide backup solutions for 365 and many other workloads. Technologies that help your business defend against  disaster situations you may not have realised or considered. Microsoft retains data for 60 days once it has been deleted however it is important to note this is not a business-grade backup solution. Microsoft also advise all clients back up data hosted on their platform. Without additional protection tools deleted files, emails etc cannot be recovered beyond 60-90 days.

Cloud and Offsite Backup

Cloud storage and offsite backup should feature as an element of all DR plans. A properly configured off-site/cloud backup, should be included as one set of data a business can turn to in a disastrous event. Our engineers can help design, implement and test cloud backup solutions for your requirements.

Advanced Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

CAP Technologies also offers Advanced DR Planning services which involves defining and testing RPO’s (Recovery-Point-Objective) and RTO’s (Recovery-Time-Objective). RTO is essential in determining how quickly your business needs to recover IT infrastructure in order to maintain business continuity. RPO is just as important, identifying the amount of hours/days/weeks can be lost when recovering from the most recent valid recovery point. Advanced DR Planning is recommended to all businesses and is mandatory for any business holding or looking to obtain certain ISO accreditations.

Disaster Recovery with CAP Technologies

At CAP Technologies, we believe every business, regardless of their size or industry, should have access to competitively priced backup solutions without compromising on valued support. For more information about our backup and disaster recovery services get in touch. We’re happy to discuss  requirements in detail, providing our expertise to ensure you select the right backup technologies for your business.

CAP Technologies - Disaster Recovery Service Areas

CAP Technologies offer Disaster Recovery Services throughout Devon and the South West including Plymouth and London. CAP Technologies can visit your businesses premises or alternatively if you’d like to meet us at our office in Exeter you can find Google map directions from Plymouth and London below.

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