Exeter Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security in Exeter has been a hot topic for the past few years. What with the 2017 cyber attack on the NHS, which left the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital feeling vulnerable along with other NHS trusts. All businesses and organisations need to maintain a Cyber Security program however large or small.

Cyber Security Services in Exeter, Devon

Cyber Security Services in Exeter provided by CAP Technologies. We’ve built a range of products that we offer to clients and partners throughout Exeter, Devon. These products provide many layers of cyber security protection, an important aspect of IT and Business security.

Managing IT Security effectively can be difficult with so many products to choose from. Through our experience and knowledge of the industry, we hand-picked the best products to make up our IT Security Stack. Our products address the following key areas:

Critical software for all devices and assets in the business.

CAP Technologies Mail Filtering

Mail Filtering

Crucial for protection from email based cyber-attacks.

DNS Protection / Web Filtering

Protecting your business and staff from web-based attacks is another key element to the security stack.

Cloud VPN Gateways

The perfect security solution for businesses that operates remotely or with staff ‘working from home’. 

Phishing Protection & Training

As well as protecting company assets it’s important to also consider protecting staff. 

Protection products we offer can be purchased with or without our IT Support Service. Many of our products can be purchased ad-hoc and billed month to month. If you would like more information on our products above or to discuss any IT security concerns you may have, please reach out to us today and we’ll assist however required.

For support call our Exeter office on 01392 575033