Professional Services

CAP Technologies despite being a small company have a combined 25 years’ experience in the Managed Service Provider space. In addition to the support orientated managed services, CAP Technologies can offer Consultancy and Project Management as part of our Managed Service contract or on an ad-hoc basis.


CAP Technologies strives to work with all our clients ensuring they have a 5-year IT plan that is continuously updated. Forming technology goals should be an important discussion point in any business strategy meeting – without sound IT management, you risk not reaching your full potential. If you need a helping hand in creating a water-tight and fully compliant IT infrastructure for your company, talk to CAP Technologies who have a range of IT project management and consultation solutions.

Project Management

CAP Technologies offers one-to-one consultations to gain a broad understanding of where you are currently in terms of your IT strategy and discuss where you would like to be. Our consultants and engineers can provide industry knowledge and insights which you may have not thought of but could be crucial in the delivery of your work to your clients.

CAP Technologies is also used to working alongside existing IT departments. In this case you may already have a plan in mind and in this case, we will be happy to discuss how we can strengthen that plan and increase your IT output and, therefore, increase business performance. Whether that be introducing disaster recovery solutions, other ancillary solutions, or managed IT services to ensure complete data security and data loss prevention.

Examples of Consultancy & Project Management areas:

System Improvements

We understand that every business should have access to the latest IT upgrades, as it’s important to keep your IT infrastructure online with the best possible security and data backup. CAP Technologies has many years of experience in providing companies of all industries and sectors with the most up-to-date systems, so that there is no doubt that you are running at full speed.

Windows Server Upgrades

Migrations to new hardware/software or new technology.

Desktop Upgrades

If your workstations are running out of date systems this can be a security risk for any organisation. AT CAP Technologies, this seemingly large task can be tackled through automation software with simplicity.

Hardware Refresh

Your organisation may be contemplating the costly ask of replacing devices. This adds not only to hardware costs, but also labour to migrating data/profiles to ensure staff can continue to do their job when the system is replaced.

CAP Technologies can provide advice and guidance for any hardware replacement projects on the horizon allowing you to calculate costs more effectively.

Connectivity Improvements

CAP Technologies offers a wide range of connectivity options, specific to individual business requirements. What’s more, we offer email and cloud services to ensure your connectivity both internal and external is as unified as possible. Our connectivity upgrades mean you get faster delivery from network to network and enhances your overall IT experience. 

For more information about our IT project management & consulting services, contact our expert engineers who can discuss our services and your requirements further.

For support call our Exeter office on 01392 575033